In spite of being a solid four months into this ten-month AAID/ADII Puerto Rico MaxiCourse(R), I suppose I haven’t provided enough detail that would give you a thorough understanding of what I’m doing and learning in this course on dental implantation. Now that Christmas has come and gone, it is a good time to explain.

Not a lot of emphasis has been placed on dental implants in my practice. However, I’ve been performing complex implant surgery since 1989; it is nothing new. Since my dentistry is holistically driven, I typically take the approach that avoids, as far as healthily possible, highly invasive methods of dental correction and restoration. Implants are notably invasive — certainly necessary in many cases, but still invasive.

Nevertheless, since my focus is on implants right now, that does not mean I have turned from my non- or minimally invasive ways. Comprehensive and biocompatible dentistry is still the priority here. My surgeries are performed with the end in sight, taking every factor into consideration so the end result is as functional and beautiful as possible. This exciting, hands-on refresher class at the Advanced Dental Implant Institute (among a few other places) in Puerto Rico is where we’ll find the best-of-the-best instructors and methods of learning when it comes to fine implant work.

Dr. Pedroza and Dr. Tatum are primarily heading the course. These men are the real deal. The course is immensely practical and somewhat unique in that it is about 25-30% didactic (in-class education — the “boring” part, such as lecturing and discussion) and 70-75% surgery, the hands-on, “fun” part where the knowledge is demonstrated and practiced.

Sessions 1-4 are obviously completed by now, but here’s a glimpse of what’s going on till next June when the course ends.

Session 1: Sept. 13-16, 2012 (Thursday to Sunday)
Laying the Foundations 
Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. PedrozaDr. R. Giacosie, Dr. Sangiv I. Patel

* Session 2: Oct. 13-17, 2012 (Saturday to Wednesday)
Intravenous Conscious Sedation, Soft Tissue Management, Sinus Graft Surgeries
Dr. V. Cardona, Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Pérez,
Dr. R. Giacosie

Session 3: Nov. 12-17, 2012 (Monday to Saturday)
Sedation (Part II) and Basic Surgical Techniques
Dr. Daniel Becker, Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Giacosie

Session 4: Dec 5-9, 2012 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Principles of Bone Grafting and Segmental Osteotomies
Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Pérez, Dr. R. Giacosie, Dr. Sangiv I. Patel

Session 5: Jan 9-13, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Orofacial Applied Anatomy Related to Oral Implantology
D. W. Shankland, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Giacosie

Session 6: Feb 6-10, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Maxillary Sinus Augmentation Techniques
Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Giacosie

Session 7: Mar 6-10, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Non Root Form Implants
Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J . Pedroza, Dr. R. Giacosie

Session 8: Apr 10-14, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Occlusal Considerations and Advanced Restorative Techniques
Dr. H Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. A Blanco, Dr. R. Giacosie, Dr. Sangiv I. Patel

Session 9: May 8-12, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Advanced Surgical and Prosthetic Cases
Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Giacosie

Session 10: June 5-9, 2013 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Bringing It All Together 
Dr. H. Tatum, Dr. J. Pedroza, Dr. R. Aponte

All these sessions total 360 hours of continuing education. That’s a lot! Juggling the normal office workload while giving one week per month to traveling and schooling has been tough — especially over the winter holidays — but will be a great investment in the long run.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your welcoming the New Year will be blessed,

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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