Bioesthetics could be defined, generally, as the study of “natural beauty.” In the area of dentistry, it applies to the healthy beauty of your mouth. It is acquired by restoring proper alignment between your teeth and jaws with a minimal amount of dental work, producing a perfect bite which will prevent wear-and-tear on your mouth that has, until recently, been blamed on mere “aging.” Correct jaw alignment, a good bite with effective chewing, a pretty smile, and lifetime-lasting results are all included in the package.

For years and years, dentists have been taught to work on each tooth individually a crown here, a root canal there but complications like that could be masking a broader issue, such as poor alignment of your teeth or crooked jaw joints, that are unsuspectingly causing your teeth to grind together. Because Bioesthetics covers the core muscles and fundamentals of oral anatomy, surface issues like worn or cracked teeth, a popping jaw, or gum recession are fixed, and the one ideal bite that is conformed to and healthy for your whole body is attained! Amazing!

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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