This last weekend I attended the last two days of the American Dental Association’s (ADA) 150th Annual Session in Honolulu, HI, with my family. It was held in the beautiful Hawaii Convention Center, and an overwhelming number of exhibits were stationed in the main hall (it took more than half a day to explore). Many of them were somewhat mediocre (light-up kids’ toothbrushes and the like) and not too interesting, but I found several great dental innovations that will be in my office soon. I also had the privilege of running into some old friends.

All of this, plus one short conversation that is going to save me several thousand dollars on dental insurance (do I sound like a Geico commercial?) made the trip more than worthwhile — as if any reason to go to Hawaii isn’t worthwhile — in terms of making more changes to my office and updating my practice to the most simple, natural ways possible. I’ll be blogging some of these discoveries for the rest of this week, and then giving some updates on another marvelous contraption I’ve just received that is changing my practice for the better.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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