Neural Therapy

Any of my readers out there know about neural therapy? It is something I have been looking to add as a service offered to my patients. This method first began in Germany; however, most of the literature has not been translated into English, and not much interest or effort has been put into its research in America. Thus it is not commonly found in the US, though Europe and South America recognize it as effective treatment.

Neural therapy is an alternative method of treating chronic pain caused by an upset autonomic nervous system. Specific anesthetics are injected into the body — in my case, it’s a cocktail of anesthetic and ozone, but more about that later — on a repeated basis until pain is relieved and the body is allowed to start healing. I’ll talk more about how that works too.

The treatment is very precise and individualized. A comprehensive medical background check must be taken before therapy begins, for each patient’s specific history and current pain problem will determine where the injection sites must be.

Neural therapy centralizes on the electrical currents running through our bodies and is thus a unique approach to pain management. And it is not even limited to pain. Neural therapy may correct other disturbances throughout the body as well, disturbances that may not have been identified as issues running back to the nervous system. It may be very good news for patients who are told it’s all in their heads.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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